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CHRISTA WOLF Singersongwriter
+45 4050 5275


Make Love Not War

by Christa Wolf & Jacob Rønne


Flying High

by Christa Wolf & Thorbjørn Thorslund


And A Little Blue

by Christa Wolf & Michael Lee Rasmussen

“…with her gentle feminine jazz, Christa Wolf makes you forget how stressful you have actually become…

Christa’s delicious crooked jazz tones bring you back to a nostalgic, soulful mood, where the music still had sweetness and an aesthetically enticing tone. Her songs mesmerize the listener, with her hopeful half melancholic moods and bring you home to your heart and the lost moment of now…”

Cecilie Klint Grønbæk

Artist and musician

“When Christa sings about peace, you actually believe in peace…”

Matthias Arbo Klein


“Christa is the Queen of Zen”

Dave Sorensen

Musician and host at Copenhagen Listening Room

“Wow, come as often as you can…”

Lotte Adamsen

Adamsen's Fisk, Gilleleje



7. maj 2024 kl. 19
Stroke event på Cafe Parforce
m/Nicklas Burman (gui) og Anja M. Brygman (kor)

21. juni 2024 
Privat arrangement
m/Thorbjørn Thorslund (gui)

22. juni 2024 kl. 14
Dragør Vinhandel

17. august 2024 kl. 14
Dragør Vinhandel