“Thank you for a wonderful set of music that was thoroughly entertaining!

Mark Ryan, 4.2.18

“Wow! Amazing. Just love it!

Susanne Væde, 16.1.18

That’s a mean, fat groove in there!”

Mack Trenka, 16.1.18

Wow det er rytme…

Camilla Clausen, 16.1.18



…and with these guys, it’s Fast & Furious.

Mario Locascio on guitar, Jamie Metcalfe on violin and Tého Auclair on drums really know how to create high energy and a good groove.

Pure joy is tickling your inside, when the songs are taken to a higher level. It really is extraordinarily thrilling in the most positive way.

A jazzy singersongwriter style meets bossanova, gypsy jazz and coffee houses in old Vienna with high ceilings, espresso and Sachertorte.

Three very skilled and spirited musicians adding new life to the faster songs in the repertoire.


Medlem af dpa – Danske Populære Autorer

…and sometimes slow